Wear Vintage or Wear Nothing.

Mia Brown-Davis, 41, owner, Eve's Apple Vintage.

The boutique boasts a thrilling collection of hand selected vintage pieces for men and women from the 1930's to the 2000's. Mia designs an in-house line, aptly titled, SKIRT. The delicate and feminine collection is inspired by timeless romance united with the bravado of the modern woman. Each skirt is comprised solely of reconstructed vintage aprons & slips.

She has produced and contributed to local fashion shows as well as being featured on Great Day St. Louis, multiple mentions in St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis Magazine, Eleven Magazine, ALIVE Magazine, Featured Presenter for Fashion Communications students at Stephens College, and has served as a personal stylist for hip hop artist Nite Owl - St. Louis and James Christos - Kansas City.

Eve’s Apple Vintage debuted on Ebay in 2006 born of Mia's love for all things vintage, especially clothing and accessories. Her fashion philosophy is dominated by style reflecting ones personality and thrives on the distinction of those brave souls whom possess the defiance to be different and revel in precisely that.

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